Confirmation classes enjoy a family lunch, instruction for both first and second year students, and some play time each scheduled Sunday afternoon. Special thanks to Julia Malenke, Glenda Frazier, and Mary Jo Hoard for hosting or sponsoring a lunch or two! We are blessed to have congregation members support the Confirmand activities in this way! Many thanks to Pastor Doug as well, for taking time to check in! It is a long day for Pastor Doug when he joins us for class, and we are so thankful to have him be a part of Confirmation instruction and fellowship. 

This month, the kids each brought a dozen homemade cookies or sweet treats and a roll of wrapping paper and bows or roll of tape for some games after class. Mrs. Blackwood always has the kids into something fun and entertaining — this time, Christmas carol tag and Christmas wrapping paper outfit design.

The first year class is continuing their studies in preparation for First Communion on Maundy Thursday.  At our next meeting on January 7th, Pastor Doug will come spend some time with first year class as we begin First Communion instruction.