Trinity is eagerly anticipating the arrival of its first LCC Comfort Dog!  In preparation for the puppy’s arrival, the Comfort Dog Ministry Team organized a Puppy Shower so that everyone had an opportunity to participate in providing something on the long list of items needed to prepare for and care for our LCC Comfort Dog. Items were displayed falling from an umbrella display, either a dog bone or a raindrop, with options to shop at your favorite local pet supply store or to shop online and have the items delivered directly to Trinity. Nearly every item requested was purchased, by congregation members, school parents and friends from the community. Seven Trinity Lutheran School classrooms also chose a large item on the list, and asked those classroom families to  donate $5 each.  All of those classrooms were successful in raising the money to purchase their class gift!  What a blessing!

The past weekend, all donated items were placed in the Sanctuary where Trinity’s Senior Pastor, Rev. Doug Kallesen, blessed them at all services.  Following worship services on Sunday, April 15, the Comfort Dog Ministry Team hosted a puppy themed Appreciation Luncheon in the Fellowship Hall to convey their gratitude for all the support.  Complete with hot dogs and dog-gone fixin’s, paw-sta salad, paw-tato chips, pup-corn, puppy chow, dog bone cookies and pup-cakes, this was a meal to remember! 

Trinity has been “in waiting” for a LCC Comfort Dog for quite some time now, and Trinity’s Comfort Dog Ministry Team has been hard at work in the background preparing for the launch of this ministry. Trinity applied and was approved by LCC for a Comfort Dog, our Comfort Dog Ministry webpage was created, the Go Fund Me campaign was launched, and our “Top Dogs” (Comfort Dog Ministry Team Leaders) Wendy and Eric Havens were selected, interviewed and approved and then travelled to Chicago for Top Dog training in May 2017.  From there, our law enforcement and military veteran team members were selected to allow for our Dog to be certified and wear three vests: K-9 Comfort DogKare-9 Military Ministry and K-9 Police Ministry. Volunteers continued to join the team to fill essential roles, and handlers and caregivers applied, interviewed and were approved  by LCC.  Those seven handlers will soon travel to Chicago on June 20 for three days of handler training. 

When they return, on June 23, they will be travelling back to Orlando with Trinity’s LCC K-9 Comfort Dog!

The Comfort Dog Ministry is a bridge for compassionate ministry, opening doors for conversation about faith and creating opportunities to share the Mercy, Compassion, Presence and Proclamation of Jesus Christ. We are honored to be able to partner with Lutheran Church Charities (LCC) to bring this amazing outreach ministry into Central Florida! The Comfort Dog Ministry only visits where they are invited, never arrives unannounced, and never charges for visits. It relies solely on the support of its donors and supporters. Thank you to all those who have shared their enthusiasm, volunteer support, financial support and essential support through prayer to make this ministry a reality!  God is Good!

YOU can also partner with us!  Whether through prayer, financial support, or volunteer support  — and everyone can help by spreading the word!  Please share our Comfort Dog blog posts on your own social media feeds that we can spread the word far and wide!