The Sunday 9:00am Contemporary service will stream live weekly on Trinity’s YouTube Channel, and archived on this page.  Saturday 6:00pm and Sunday 11:15am will be recorded and uploaded to YouTube delayed, and archived on this page.

Worship Services

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( Sermon Archive 2022 )

Weekend of:SpeakerSermon TitleSaturday ServiceSunday Service
Sunday Service
January 1, 2023Pr. KallesenNew Year'sThe Love of God in ChristThe Love of God in ChristONE SERVICE THIS WEEK
January 8, 2023Pr. KallesenBaptism of Our LordEurekaTRADITIONAL SERVICE AND CONTATA DUE TO COPYRIGHTEureka
January 15, 2023Pr. KallesenSecond Sunday after the EpiphanyGod CanGod CanGod Can
January 22, 2023Pr. KallesenThird Sunday after the EpiphanyTECHNICAL ISSUESGo and Make DesciplesGo and Make Desciples
January 29, 2023Pr. KallesenFourth Sunday after the EpiphanyThe 'Real' Big GameThe 'Real' Big GameThe 'Real' Big Game
February 5, 2023Pr. KallesenFifth Sunday after the EpiphanyThe Great ExchangeThe Great ExchangeThe Great Exchange
February 12, 2023Pr. DamerySixth Sunday after the EpiphanyAlways Be People with Beautiful FeetAlways Be People with Beautiful FeetAlways Be People with Beautiful Feet
February 19, 2023Pr. KallesenTransfiguration of Our LordExtreme Messianic MakeoverExtreme Messianic MakeoverTransfuguration
February 22, 2023Pr. KallesenAsh Wednesday-Ash Wednesday-
February 26, 2023Pr. KallesenFirst Sunday in LentAll Have SinnedAll Have SinnedAll Have Sinned
March 1, 2023Pr. KallesenLent II-Lent II-
March 5, 2023Pr. KallesenSecond Sunday in LentStumpedStumpedStumped
March 8, 2023Pr. KallesenLent III-Lent III-
March 12, 2023Pr. KallesenThird Sunday in LentWhy Do We Do What We Do?Why Do We Do What We Do?Why Do We Do What We Do?
March 15, 2023Pr. KallesenLent IV-Lent IV-
March 18, 2023Pr. KallesenFourth Sunday in LentEyes OpenEyes OpenEyes Open
March 23, 2023Pr. KallesenLent V-Lent V-
March 26, 2023Pr. KallesenFifth Sunday in LentThe Last EnemyThe Last EnemyThe Last Enemy
Weekend of:SpeakerSunday of the Church yearSaturday ServiceSunday Service
Sunday Service