It’s been a busy and productive Fall for Trinity’s Youth Ministry.  Under the leadership of Trinity’s Youth Ministry Coordinator, Mrs. Jenn Blackwood, and with a fantastic volunteer Youth Ministry Team, students grades 6-12 and their families have started the year strong!

Confirmation Instruction and Bible Study

Sixth and seventh grade students have started confirmation instruction and acolyte training with Tim & Deana Norris and Jennifer Castillo, while confirmed youth in grades 8-12 are wrapping up guys and gals studies. The girls’ study, Brave Girl, is lead by Jenn Blackwood and the guys’ study, Killing Lions, is led by Mary Beth Brink. In November the two groups will combine and begin working through the study Shaken written by Tim Tebow.

TYM for Fellowship

At a recent MS and HS TYM Fellowship event included a devotion, game playing, eating, and baking!  Our youth are always encouraged to bring a friend to events.

We have a HS TYM event planned for Saturday, November 19 to catch Downtown at SAK Comedy Lab.  We will meet at Trinity at 6:30pm.

Youth Ministry Team 

Thank you to MARY BETH BRINK, CAROLINE TESCH, AMY FISCHER, TONY and CARMEN RAMIZ, TOM FINGER, and CATHERINE SIMMONS for their time, donations, sharing of gifts, and dedication to moving TYM forward as we continue to build a solid foundation for Trinity’s youth ministry.

TYM invites you to be part of the team helping to plan upcoming events, being on campus/attending during events, and/or leading a Bible Study discussion one month. We have a great group of kids – YOU will be blessed to be a blessing!  To learn more about what’s going on with youth Bible studies, confirmation, events, and the youth ministry team, please check out the Youth page on Trinity’s website, or contact Youth Ministry Coordinator Jenn Blackwood at to discuss.