Last week we launched our BACK to BASICS focus on our ministry.  I spoke with you about what I would be talking about in worship over the next five Sundays…

  • Worship
  • Witness
  • Word
  • Fellowship
  • Stewardship

So with week one under our belt, how are you doing focusing your whole heart, soul, mind and body on loving the Lord Your God and how are you doing loving your neighbor as your-self?  I must admit it was hard making sure to make time to do some of this but I am glad I did study my Bible and pray each day as we discussed.  It was inspiring however and I did it for me!  I wish I would have prayed more and been more organized writing down my prayer requests in a notebook.  I sensed how easily it had become to get bogged down in the daily and the mundane routines of everyday life when I did not make this a priority in my life. 

How about you? I would love to hear from you.   How did you do studying God’s Word?  Any insights or inspirational thoughts?  (If it’s really good I might share it with the whole congregation in the sermon).   Anyone read a chapter or more a day?  I had suggested reading from Matthew, Mark, Luke or John.  Anyone have an interesting story to share about loving your neighbor? 

I would love to hear from you as we apply our worship messages to our everyday lives. 

God BLESS You!

Pastor Doug