Last week our message focused on God’s Word and how each of us need to read and study it.  So, how do we feed ourselves spiritually? 

  • Pick a time of the day that works best for you to regularly study God’s Word
  • Pick a translation that you can understand. We are blessed with many excellent translations. Ask me if you still have questions. 
  • Pick a Bible reading plan with goals of how much time you will regularly spend, or how many pages or chapters you will read. Many Study Bibles have a few to choose from and you can also find a bible reading plan on the web. 
  • Start reading in the New Testament or in the Old if you are an experienced Bible student.
  • Ask questions such as:
    • What is God teaching me in this reading?
    • How will I apply this to my life?
  •  Join a study group and have devotions as a family.  Portals of Prayer and Arch Books are terrific resources.  

 The disciples asked Jesus where else shall we go for You have the words of eternal life.  As sun and water is to a plant so God’s Word and the Son of God are to our spiritual growth.