Trinity Bible Studies

Online Group Options

Sunday Morning Adult Study Group

Studying the scriptures based on the Lectionary reading assignments.  Zoom meetings.  For zoom meeting invitation contact Gregg at

Wednesday Connection & Prayer Group (morning and afternoon options)

Connect and pray for one another, our community, and the world.  Zoom meetings.  For zoom invitation contact Pastor Doug at 


Completed Oct-Dec 2019


Completed Jan-April 2020


Begins this Fall 2020

Immerse Small Group Studies are offered in multiple locations and at different times.  (You can also work through this study on your own.)  You can purchase the print or e-book MESSIAH HERE.  Host and Group Leader Resources, weekly videos, and daily audio messages can be found HERE.


Your Own Bible You can use your own Bible and follow along with the reading assignments

Immerse Book Orders can be made through Tyndale (print or Kindle)

Immerse Text  You can read the text on the Immerse website at no cost

Free Audio
Podcasts are available via Apple and Google podcasts, and readings can be streamed online from the website.

To learn more, visit the Immerse Bible website.

Spritual Growth & Development

We recognize how important Christian Education is to your overall Spritual Development and Wellness.  Trinity Bible Sutdies are just one of many resourses.  If you don’t see something here that works for you, let us know!  We’ll help you find something that meets your needs and keeps you on a path of growth and development!  Contact us at