Trinity’s first “Servant Saturday” was certainly blessed and successful, thanks to the participation of 45 members of our Trinity family! Trinity Downtown is certainly united in wanting to help our Downtown neighbors!  Volunteers signed up, picked up their T shirts, showed up at one of three destinations and served with love and care.  What a wonderful example of living out of mission — to witness and serve in our community!  

Grand Ave. Primary School – 19 volunteers worked in classrooms (sorting clothes, filing, sorting pages in work books, scraping glue off tables) and also outside cleaning, raking, gathering trash etc. A representative of the School shared:

“What a great day at the Grand! Your team worked so hard to complete the requests and MORE! I can honestly say that this is the first time I had volunteers who would NOT stop working when it was time to go because they wanted to finish their tasks. Everyone was so gracious and I was inspired by their spirit of service. You did a terrific job coordinating everything and on behalf of our Principal Lino Rodriguez, and the staff and students of “The Grand,” I thank you for choosing our school. Personally, I’ll have a smile on my face for the rest of the day-just from the positive energy from your group!”  

Orlando Rescue Mission Bargain Thrift Store –  12 volunteers worked in the store to shelve, stock and organize items to sell in this spacious, very attractive store on Central Ave. They were even available to help someone pick out a tie to wear with the shirt he bought for church the next day.

Coalition for the Homeless – 14 volunteers worked on meal preparation to provide lunch for 100 children and adults. Volunteers donated all the food, prepared lunch (chicken nuggets, veggies, fruit, cookie, drink), served a group of 100 then took care of all the clearn up. 

Nearly half the total volunteer group gathered for lunch at our neighborhood City Diner afterward to swap stories and enjoy a meal sponsored by Thrivent.  It was a joyous, relaxing time, and many new friends were made.

God bless you all for your willingness to share the love of Christ with our Downtown neighbors.  If you weren’t able to participate this time, don’t worry, you will have another opportunity!  When you see sign ups for the next Servant Saturday, jump in!  God is clearly at work here in Downtown Orlando, and we have the joy of partnering with Him!  

Trinity’s Outreach Ministry Team meets the 2nd Monday of each month at 6pm in the Magnolia Ministry building.  All are welcome to join the discussion and bring new ideas for future service events!