2020 Worship Service/Sermon Media

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Weekend of:SpeakerSermon TitleService Video
Service Audio
January 5, 2020Pr. KallesenSecond Sunday after ChristmasContemporary
January 12, 2020Pr. RickenbergThe CarwashContemporaryTraditional
January 19, 2020Pr. KallesenThe WordContemporaryTraditional
January 26, 2020Pr. RickenbergContemporaryTraditional
February 2, 2020Pr. KallesenContemporaryTraditional
February 9, 2020Pr. KallesenHoly Unto the LordContrmporaryTraditional
February 16, 2020Pr. KallesenOfferings, Feasts and AtonementContemporaryTraditional
February 23, 2020Pr. KallesenPearlsContemporaryTraditional
February 26, 2020Pr. KallesenAsh Wednesday - Misjudging Eyes-Ash Wednesday
March 1, 2020Pr. KallesenSecond Sunday in LentContemporaryTraditional
March 4, 2020Pr. KallesenLent II - Betraying Eyes-Lent II
March 8, 2020Pr. KallesenBelieve!ContemporaryTraditional
March 11, 2020Pr. KallesenLent III - Sleepy Eyes-Lent III
March 15, 2020Pr. KallesenEyes of FaithContemporaryTraditional - VIDEO
March 18, 2020Pr. KallesenLent VI - Denying Eyes-Lent IV
March 22, 2020Pr. KallesenI Can See Clearly Now-Weekend Worship
March 25, 2020Pr. KallesenLent V - Murderous Eyes-Lent V
March 29, 2020Pr. KallesenEverything Happens for a Reason-Weekend Worship
April 1, 2020Pr. KallesenLent VI - Worldly EyesLent VI
April 5, 2020Pr. KallesenPalm Sunday - ExpectationsPalm Sunday
April 9, 2020Pr. KallesenMaundy ThursdayMore Than Meets the Eye
April 10, 2020Pr. KallesenGood FridayGod's Eyes
April 12, 2020Pr. KallesenEasterAngel Eyes
April 19, 2020Pr. KallesenSecond Sunday of EasterOur Lord Stands with Us
April 26, 2020Pr. KallesenThird Sunday of EasterEyes Wide Open
May 3, 2020Pr. KallesenFourth Sunday of EasterJesus Our Good Shepherd
May 10, 2020Pr. KallesenFifth Sunday of EasterThe Way the Truth and the Life
May 17, 2020Pr. KallesenSixth Sunday of Easter
Jesus, a Rich Relationship with You
May 24, 2020Pr. KallesenSeventh Sunday of EasterMore Than We Can Think or Imagine
May 31, 2020Pr. KallesenPentecostWe are all God’s Ambassadors, His Witneses
June 7, 2020Pr. KallesenTrinity SundayI Am with You Always
June 14, 2020Pr. KallesenSecond Sunday after PentecostBumper Crop for Christ
June 21, 2020Pr. KallesenThird Sunday after Pentecost
Father's Day
Alive to God in Christ, but Dead to Sin
June 28, 2020 Pr. KallesenFourth Sunday after PentecostDivision
July 5, 2020Pr. KallesenFifth Sunday after PentecostCome!
July 12, 2020Pr. KallesenSixth Sunday after PentecostSeed to Sow
July 19, 2020Pr. KallesenSeventh Sunday after PentecostLet Them Both Grow
July 26, 2020Pr. KallesenEighth Sunday after PentecostPARABLES, PARABLES, PARABLES
August 2, 2020Pr. KallesenNinth Sunday after PentecostThere's More Going on Than Just a Meal, It’s Also a Miracle
August 9, 2020Pr. KallesenTenth Sunday after PentecostSo Much Easier to Believe, or So We Tell Ourselves
August 16, 2020Pr. KallesenEleventh Sunday after PentecostHow we got here, Creation or Chaos
August 23, 2020Pr. KallesenTwelfth Sunday after PentecostHow God Blesses and Gifted Us, His Church
August 30, 2020Pr. KallesenThirteenth Sunday after PentecostChange of Address
September 6, 2020Pr. KallesenFourteenth Sunday after PentecostEach and Every One of Us is Important to the Lord
September 13, 2020Pr. KallesenFifteenth Sunday after PentecostForgiveness, in Short SupplyForgiveness, in Short Supply
September 20, 2020Pr. KallesenSixteenth Sunday after PentecostGrace, or by GreedGrace, or by Greed
September 27, 2020Pr. KallesenSeventeenth Sunday after PentecostWho is Jesus?Who is Jesus?
October 4, 2020Pr. KallesenEighteenth Sunday after PentecostThe Light of His LoveThe Light of His Love
October 11, 2020Pr. RickenbergNineteenth Sunday after PentecostThe Ultimate PandemicThe Ultimate Pandemic
October 18, 2020Pr. KallesenTwentieth Sunday after PentecostNot What We Bring, But What He ProvidesNot What We Bring, But What He Provides
October 25, 2020Pr. KallesenReformation Day (Observed)Who is Jesus...Who is Jesus to You? Who is Jesus...Who is Jesus to You?
November 1, 2020Pr. KallesenAll Saints' DayThe "B" AttitudesThe "B" Attitudes
November 8, 2020Pr. KallesenTwenty-third Sunday after PentecostA Foolish StoryA Foolish Story
November 15, 2020Pr. KallesenTwenty-fourth Sunday after PentecostWhat has God Entrusted to You?What has God Entrusted to You?
November 22, 2020Pr. KallesenLast Sunday of the Church Year - Christ the KingJesus is Coming, Are You Ready?Jesus is Coming, Are You Ready?
November 25, 2020Pr. KallesenThanksgivingThanksgivingThanksgiving
November 28, 2020Pr. KallesenFirst Sunday in AdventEvery Breath is a Gift from GodEvery Breath is a Gift from God
December 2, 2020Pr. KallesenAdvent I
December 6, 2020Pr. KallesenSecond Sunday in AdventPatient, not Slow, but, We Live Microwave SocietyGod is Patient, not Slow, but, We Live Microwave Society
December 9, 2020 Pr. KallesenAdvent II
December 13, 2020Pr. KallesenThird Sunday in AdventAdvent, A time of Waiting and AnticipationAdvent, A time of Waiting and Anticipation
December 16, 2020Pr. KallesenAdvent IIIAdvent III
December 19, 2020Pr. ArmstrongService of the Longest Night
December 24, 2020Pr. RickenbergChristmas EveWhat's A Savior
December 25, 2020Pr. RickenbergChristmas DayChristmas Day
December 26, 2020Pr. RickenbergFirst Sunday after Christmas
December 31, 2020Pr. RickenbergNew Year's EveThat Quite Thing in Your Soul