2019 Worship Service/Sermon Media

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Weekend of:SpeakerSermon TitleService Video
Service Audio
December 31, 2019Pr. KallesenNew Year's EveTraditional
December 29, 2019Pr. KallesenContemporary
December 25, 2019Pr. KallesenChristmas DayTraditional
December 24, 2019Pr. WeertsChristmas EveTraditional
December 24, 2019Pr. KallesenChristmas EveTraditional
December 22, 2019Pr. KallesenContemporary
December 18, 2019Pr. KallesenAdvent III
December 15, 2019Pr. KallesenGod with UsContemporaryTraditional
December 11, 2019Pr. KallesenAdvent IITraditional
December 8, 2019Pr. KallesenThe ComingContemporaryTraditional
December 4, 2019Pr. KallesenAdvent ITraditional
December 1, 2019Pr. KallesenCome Lord JesusContemporaryTraditional
November 28, 2019Pr. KriegerThanksgiving 2019-Traditional
November 24, 2019Pr. KallesenLast Sunday of the Church Year - Immerse Week 8Traditional - VIDEOTraditional - AUDIO
November 17, 2019Pr. KallesenThe Sower, The Seed, The Soil - Immerse Week 6ContemporaryTraditional
November 10, 1029Pr. KallesenWho is Jesus to You?ContemporaryTraditional
November 3, 2019Pr. KallesenAll Saints DayContemporaryTraditional
October 27, 2019Pr. KallesenReformation
Immerse Messiah Week 4
October 20, 2019Pr. RickenbergIs Your Life "Tuned"ContemporaryTraditional
October 13, 2019Pr. KallesenImmerse Messiah - Week 2ContemporaryTraditional
October 6, 2019Pr. KallesenImmerse: Messiah - Week 1 ContemporaryTraditional
September 29, 2019Pr. KallesenHarvest is Plenty, the Laborers are FewContemporaryTraditional
September 22, 2019Pr. KallesenGod Loves a Cheerful GiverContemporaryTraditional
September 15, 2019Pr. Kallesen100 Anniversary100 Anniversary - AUDIO100 Anniversary - AUDIO
September 8, 2019Pr. WeertsThe Model Prayer, aka The Lord's PrayerContemporaryTraditional
September 1, 2019Pr. ArmstrongReconciliation ContemporaryTraditional
August 25, 2019Pr. ArmstrongGod is on a MissionContemporaryTraditional
August 18, 2019Pr. KallesenLive by FaithContemporary - Technical error with the video this weekTraditional - VIDEO
August 11, 2019Pr. KallesnPermit the Little Children to ComeContempoearyTraditional
August 4, 2019Pr. RickenbergContemporaryTraditional
July 28, 2019Missionary Rev. Shauen TrumpDislocationContemporaryTraditional
July 21, 2019Pr. KallesenEquipping the SaintsContemporaryTraditional
July 14, 2019Pr. KallesenKoinonia (Fellowship)ContemporaryTraditional
July 7, 2019Pr. RickenbergPrisoner of HopeContemporaryTraditional
June 30, 2019Pr. KallesenGod's Word, Our Spiritual GPSTechnical IssuesTraditional
June 23, 2019Pr. Kallesen Go and Make DisciplesContemporaryTraditional
June 16, 2019Pr. KallesenThe Hands and Feet of JesusContemporaryTraditional
June 9, 2019Pr. KallesenFirst Fruits - PentecostContemporaryTraditional
June 2, 2019Pr. KallesenBFFs with GodContemporaryTraditional
May 26, 2019Pr. KallesenSalvation, Rescue and RedemptionContemporaryTraditional
May 19, 2019Pr. KallesenHow Can I Serve HIm?ContemporayTraditional
May 12, 2019Pr. KallesenMother's DayContemporaryTraditional
May 5, 2019Pr. KallesenSqueezing Out a Bit More from LifeContemporaryTraditional
April 28, 2019Pr. BillyWords Have PowerContemporaryTraditional
April 21, 2019
Pr. KallesenThey Thought it was Fake NewsContemporaryTraditional
April 20, 2019
Easter Vigil
Pr. KallesenEaster Vigil-Traditional
April 19, 2019
Good Friday
Pr. KallesenGood Friday-Traditional
April 18, 2019
Maundy Thursday
Pr. KallesenMaundy Thursday-Traditional
April 14, 2019
Pr. KallesenWe Wish to see JesusContemporaryTraditional
April 10, 2019Pr. KallesenLent VI-Traditional
April 7, 2019Pr. KallesenWho is Jesus to You?Contemporary-AUDIOTraditional
April 3, 2019Pr. KallesenLent V-Traditional
March 31, 2019Pr. KallesenNo Sheep Left BehindContemporaryTraditional
March 27, 2019Pr. KallesenLent IV-Traditional
March 24, 2019Pr. KallesenThe Presence of GodContemporaryTraditional
March 20, 2019Pr. KallesenLent III-Traditional
March 17, 2019Pr. KallesenBlessed is he that comes in the name of the LordContemporaryTraditional
March 13, 2019Pr. KallesenLent II-Traditional
March 10, 2019Pr. Kallesen...Until an Opportune TimeContemporaryTraditional
March 6, 2019Pr. KallesenAsh Wednesday-Traditional
March 3, 2019Pr. KallesenGlimpses of Heaven in your lifeContemporaryTraditional
February 24, 2019Pr. KallesenA Different OS (Operating System)ContemporaryTraditional
February 17, 2019Pr. KallesenBlessed are they...ContemporaryTraditional
February 10, 2019Pr. KallesenLet Down Your Nets...Don't Give UpTECHNICAL DIFICULTIESTraditional
February 3, 2019Pr. KallesenContemporaryTraditional
January 27, 2019Pr. KallesenForgiven,...Debt Free!ContemporaryTraditional
January 20, 2019Pr. KallesenHow Good is Good EnoughContemporaryTraditional
January 13, 2019Pr. WeertsWhy Was Jesus BaptizedContemporaryTraditional
January 6, 2019Pr. KallesenEpiphanyContemporaryTraditional