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Nominations Committee Final Slate for June 25 Elections


Posted 6.18.18 6pm (second posting, updated)


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ: God’s abundant blessings upon you all.  The 2018 Nomination Committee presents to you the final slate for our Voter Assembly on Monday, June 25th.  Please pray for the Holy Spirit’s guidance and blessings upon the Congregation, the candidates and the direction of your vote.  Looking forward to seeing you all there.


–Respectfully submitted by your Nominations Committee:

Tom Finger, Mary Beth Brink, Maggie Bowles, Pastor Kallesen, Ted Lange, Greg Yawman, Kelley Lane.




New Candidates:

TWO MEMBERS AT-LARGE (July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2020):

Four Candidates for Two Open Positions:

                Candidate Bob Blackwood (first term)

                Candidate Mary Beth Brink (first term)

                Candidate Tim Norris (second term)

                Wendy Havens (first term)


Currently Serving on the Leadership Council:

SENIOR PASTOR:  Rev. Doug Kallesen

PRESIDENT:  Ted Lange (term expires June 30, 2019)

VICE PRESIDENT:  Kathy Aber (term expires June 30, 2019)

FINANCE OFFICER:  David Wilkosz (term expires June 30, 2019)

SCHOOL BOARD PRESIDENT: Bev Middleton (term expires June 30, 2019)

SENIOR ELDER (non-voting member):  Tom Finger (term expires June 30, 2019)

TWO MEMBERS AT-LARGE (Odd Years):  Maggie Bowles & Stephanie Landis (term expires June 30, 2019)

TWO MEMBERS AT-LARGE (Even Years): Tim Norris (term ending now, candidate for second term), Gregg Yawman (term ending now)




The following Trinity members have been nominated to serve a two-year term as Elder (July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2020):

                            Leo Nagy, and Cal Wacker

Currently serving Elders nominated to be affirmed for a second two-year term (July 1, 2018-June 30, 2020):

                              Ken Boggs, Jim Curtis, Lo Phillips, Rusty Stephens, Rocky Smothers, Bob Trapp


Currently serving Elders (two-year term which expires June 30, 2019):

Tom Finger (Sr. Elder), Don Behrmann, Clay Bourgeois, Mark Brink, Chris Gerou, Mike Kunze, Brendan O’Brien, Tony Ramiz, Gary Schumacher

Currently serving Elders completing their service (term limited out June 30, 2018): 

                                Ulysses Floyd

Campus Developpment Task Force: 1.12.18

From Rocky Smothers, Campus Development Task Force 1/12/2018

“To my Trinity Brothers & Sisters in Christ who were able to attend the Trinity Town Hall Meeting on Monday evening – January 8th, I thank you.  It was a privilege to have had the opportunity to ‘re-introduce” those present to the Trinity Century II Ministry & Site Plan; a privilege because way too much time has passed since the Congregation adopted this vision without maintaining the necessary focus on the plan by Parish Membership.  Here are several very key components of the plan, which must be honored when any considerations are under review, to any revision of the plan details:”

  • This Trinity Property 5.2 acre  site plan was presented and approved by the Orlando Historic Preservation Board, and the Orlando City Commission (with three separate votes necessary for approval), as a Planned Development.
  • All of the property owned by Trinity is platted with the City of Orlando as a single property, not individual property sections.
  • Every entrance and exit point is necessary to the Planned Development as a single property plat..
  • Any changes to the plat, or the Planned Development approved by the City of Orlando would need to go through the same review processes as the original plans presented, back in CY2008 & CY2009.

Engaging in such an endeavor with the City of Orlando, would be a long & tedious undertaking with no guarantee of final approval; which could I believe only be achieved with the full support of the Eola Heights Homeowners Association; which as our experience tells us is challenging to garner.Letter from Rocky Smothers, January 2012


By Rocky Smothers (from the President’s Page), Monthly Newsletter, January 2012

            The New Calendar Year 2012 has arrived, and only just a few short weeks after the arrival of the New Church Year . . . . . . imagine that!   And you well know, the New Year waits not on those caught in its newness or wake, but it moves on ahead at breakneck speed to its destination to become written or recorded history (as have the years that have gone on before it).    But wait a minute, where did the old year of 2011 get off to?  And why did it go so fast? The hours evaporated into days; the days into weeks, and the weeks into months; and then the New Year was gone.   It was gone with the wind.  I wasn’t ready for it pass on by, as I was still holding on in hopes of not letting it get away from me.   It upsets me that things get away from me.  Especially time, for it never returns again. 

            So we ask ourselves, “Did I make the best and most of the opportunities that God sent to me during 2011?”  Did I honor Him with my efforts, and giving to Him all the glory for what was credited to me?   What opportunities did I miss this past year (because there were some, actually more than some . . . . there were many)?    Will I be able in CY2012 not to make the same mistakes again, and miss those opportunities that only come every so often in a lifetime?

            The answer to the last question is  “Yes, with the help of God!”   My dear brothers & sisters in Christ, God the Father, through our Lord Jesus Christ has richly gifted to each of us this most beautiful gift . . . .  The gift of a New Year presenting each of us with unique opportunities (some new, and some carried over but as yet unfulfilled)that He calling us individually, and corporately to do in our life; to fulfill our potential to care for His people and to extend His Kingdom, to His Glory!   

            So, how are we to answer His call and respond to this gift of a New Year in our personal lives and in the Community of Trinity Congregation?   Well, you could expand your daily walk with our Lord Jesus to offer up your time and talents to serve Him in a volunteer role where Trinity has a need!  Ministry Teams are being formed to identify expanded opportunities of Stewardship; as well for Campus Care & Beautification.  I have a feeling the I-dignity Program might be interested in your volunteer hours, or maybe you have the gifts to train for and become a Stephen Minister.  You could be a Sound Board technician.  You could be an Usher, or a volunteer Teacher’s Aid.  These are just a few opportunity areas that I’ve mentioned here;  but you know there are many which have not been mentioned but await your commitment and willingness to share Jesus’ love within our Community, . 

            Please know that Trinity’s Leadership has a full agenda of the Lord’s work to do in the New Year.   There are many challenges facing our Congregation in the coming year, and I assure you that I (along with the Leadership Council and Pastoral Staff) will be meeting the challenges head on.  We have been called by you to do this work in the name of our Lord Jesus, and I promise our efforts will be focused on getting the work done.  To quote a line from one of my favorite films (“Apollo 13”) – “Failure is not an option.”

            Our business agenda is immediately focused on a Strategic Budgeting process, employing “zero-based budgeting” to allow for specific priority decisions on where and how our assets are used.   We will be setting a Financial Plan with specific financial goals that address the Deficit.  I expect to have this process completed with the coming 90 days.  We will also develop a financial strategy to achieve a “healthy position,” and file for the Construction Loan to L.C.E.F. to initiate Phase I of our Site Development Plan.  This is very exciting for Trinity’s future, as we prepare our Ministry for our “Second Hundred Years!”

            This is an exciting time for Trinity.   In front of us is much work to be done in our Community and His Kingdom.  Some of the work in our Community will be difficult, tedious, and at times I fear, painful.  But growth sometimes is painful, but in the end it is beneficial.  I ask for your continued Prayers as your elected congregational president.   I ask for your Prayers for our Pastors, for our Pastoral Team, and for your elected Leadership Council.   I ask for your patience, and your continued support as we work together to do the work that God has called each of us to do in this New Year 2012.    With the help of God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ, let us all together make the most of this gift of time in the New Year of our Lord with our Time, Talents, and Treasures.

Trinity Century II_condensed, Powerpoint

Special Voters Assembly: 8.20.17
Nominations Committee Recommendations: 6.9.17

Nominations Committee Recommendations

The Nomination Committee (NC) respectfully submits its recommendations to be voted on at our upcoming Voter’s Assembly on June 25, 2017.

You may make additional nominations in writing to or by letter received at the church office no later than 11:59pm June 18, 2017, at which time nominations shall be closed.  

The nomination recommendation and final nomination time frames are slightly outside of the mandate of our bylaws.  I take full responsibility.  Please forgive me.  It could not be helped, but should not hinder our due process.

Please continue to pray on this seeking the wisdom of the Holy Spirit to guide all our hearts and votes concerning those stepping up to a new role, those continuing on and those retiring after faithful service.  We are blessed because of them, and we must remember that God Himself appoints all authority (Romans 13:1-2).

On behalf of your NC, I thank you for your prayerful nominations and concern for our beloved Trinity.  Please also consider how you might be involved in Ministry Teams and support activities for the new fiscal year approaching.  We are, after all, the ministers of TLCS!  Our pastor(s) are the teachers, equippers and nurturers of the ministers!  We are the workers!  Let us not forget that it is our responsibility to be the willing and cheerful workers God created us to be (Ephesians 2:10).  

God bless us…everyone!
Jesus Be With You Always!
Gregg Yawman / John Strandquest, Co-chairs
Mike Kunze (in lieu of the interim pastor), Kathy Aber, Bill Gouveia & Marcy Shively


Leadership Council

LC members are elected to 2-year terms to serve for no more than two consecutive terms in a single role; service will begin on July 1st, 2017, and run through June 30th, 2019.  The following positions the NC (Nomination Committee) voted on to recommend to the Congregation.


President of the Voter’s Assembly

  • Ted Lange

Vice President of the Voter’s Assembly

  • Kathy Aber – NC recommends

Finance Officer

  • David Wilkosz

School Board President

  • Bev Middleton – NC recommends

Two Members-at-large (Odd Years)

  • Maggie Bowles – NC recommends
  • Stephanie Landis – NC recommends

Additional Nominations for two Members-at-Large (Odd Years)

  • Bill Gouveia
  • Marcy Shively

Senior Elder (non-voting position)

  • Tom Finger – NC Recommends

*Finishing Current Two Year Term– Two Members-at-large (even year election)

  • Tim Norris
  • Gregg Yawman


Elders Ministry Team

Elders are elected to serve for 2-year terms, for up to three consecutive terms.  Senior Elder serves for 2-year term, no more than two consecutive terms.  There are to be at least six and preferably 12 or more sitting Elders serving Trinity at any given time and the Elders Ministry Team can be expanded at any time to meet the needs of the congregation.

 Senior Elder

  • Tom Finger – NC recommends

Current Elders Eligible to be Elected for New Term

Don Behrmann (confirms 3rd), Clay Bourgeois (considers 2nd), Brendan O’Brien (considers 2nd), Tony Ramiz (confirms 2nd), Gary Schumacher (confirms 2nd), Chris Gerou (confirms 2nd)

New Elder Candidates to be Elected for a New Term

  • Mike Kunze – NC recommends
  • Mark Brink – NC recommends

*Finishing Current two year term – Current Elders Continuing in Service (even-year election)

  • Ulysses Floyd (in 3rd), Steve Kerestes (in 2nd), Bob Trapp (2nd), Jim Curtis (1st), Rusty Stephens (1st), Ken Boggs (1st), Rocky Smothers (1st), Lo Phillips (1st)


Special Voters Assembly, Deaconess Call Release: 6.4.17

Trinity Lutheran Downtown

Special Voters’ Assembly Meeting-Senior Pastor Call

Trinity Lutheran Church

Sunday – June 4, 2017 – 12:30PM

Word – Worship – Community

DRAFT Minutes

  • Welcome & Call to Order-Ted Lange
    • Voters were registered and counted
  • The Call –Ted Lange
  • God brought Deaconess Liz Borth to Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church in April of 2006 as an intern. Less than one year later she was called by Trinity to and was installed as Deaconess in July 2007.
  • The Church exists because of and for the sake of mission and Christ carries on His mission in two ways, 1) the priesthood of all believers and 2) the office of the public ministry. Christ provides these provisions to carry out His work; we have been blessed to have a church worker who works in the Kingdom in both of these realms.
  • The task and mission and ministry of the church is given to all of God’s people yet God chooses to place church workers in specific ministries for his purpose. In Liz’s own words this is a “Sacred Placement by God”.
  • Liz currently is called both to serve Trinity as well as Redeeming Life Outreach Ministries in Sanford where she is to serve as Director of Program Ministries. It is time for us to bring to a close Deaconess Liz’s “Call” to Trinity so she can fully answer the “call” to Redeeming Life. We also know that the relationships built and the calling to continue her work within the body of all believers continues on with us at Trinity.

MOTION:  We as the stewards of the mission and ministries of Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, recognize that Liz Borth has accepted a new Divine call to serve Redeeming Life Ministries Maternity Home as Director of Program Ministries.  Therefore, while we are sad to see her leave us in her called capacity, we enthusiastically grant Deaconess Liz Borth, a peaceful release from her calling here.  We rejoice with her as she begins a new chapter in ministry, confident that the Lord will bless her in ways that she does not yet even realize.

  • Second, All in Favor: Amen and all opposed: 
  • Motion unanimously approved.

III      Letters

IV      Gifts

V       Prayer- Reverend Larry Schaefer 

VI      Closing-Ted Lange

Special Voters Assembly, Annual Budget: 8.28.16

On Sunday August 28, members of the congregation gathered at a special voters assembly to consider for approval the FY 2016-2017 Trinity Annual Budget.  David Wilkosz, Trinity’s Financial Officer, provided highlights for each Christian Operating Center as well as major ministry areas to provide clear insight and understanding of the various parts of the budget and how they influence how we engage in our mission and ministries at Trinity.  Several informational presentations were made for the benefit of those in attendance.  Bob Meyer provided information on the Faithfully Forward and Bridge to the Future campaigns while Bruce Hahn discussed Trinity’s Shared Blessings Rebate program with the Lutheran Church Extension Fund.  Finally, Tim Norris provided an overview on the status of proposals to utilize Trinity’s portion of the Thrivent Choice Dollars.

A motion to approve the proposed FY 2016-2017 annual budget was affirmed by the congregation.  Forty Seven members were registered to vote.  A detailed copy of the approved budget can be obtained by contacting the church office.

August 28, 2016 – Special Voters Meeting Agenda

August 28, 2016 – Special Voters Meeting Minutes, Draft

Approved Special Voters Meeting Minutes  8_28_16

Special Voters Assembly, Senior Pastor Call: 7.17.16

On Sunday July 17, 2016 at a special voter’s assembly, the Congregation of Trinity Lutheran Church voted unanimously to offer a call to the Reverend Jacob May.  Please refer to the Presentation for details of what was presented in this meeting.

July 17, 2016 Special Voters Meeting Presentation

Town Hall Meetings: 5.21-22.16

Town Hall Meetings with Leadership

“Our mission is to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ through ministries which strengthen and equip people for Christian witness and service in downtown, metropolitan Orlando, and the world”



When you’re going on a trip it helps to have a destination and a roadmap to get there.  The Ministry Planning Document being prepared by our Leadership Council and Ministry Staff is intended to provide a roadmap for our ministries for the immediate future.  The version we’re preparing for the 2016-17 fiscal year is intended to be flexible enough for our next Senior Pastor to adjust during the year.

The Ministry Plan begins with the stated mission and vision from Trinity’s Constitution and Bylaws. The Leadership Council proposes major emphases for the coming year.  The “Admin Team” (namely, Senior Pastor, General Manager, K-8 Executive Director, and CDC Executive Director) proposes plans for carrying out Trinity’s mission and vision in their areas with special focus on our major emphases for this year.  Every staff person and every ministry volunteer should be represented in these plans.

This year we’re using the “Growth Goal” framework that grew out of the NLSA accreditation process to organize our ministry goals across the campus.  (NLSA =

National Lutheran Schools Accreditation).  Since a Ministry Plan is a “living document,” we expect it to be improved and adjusted as we move forward.  It’s not “set in concrete.”  It’s a ROADMAP so we all have a clearer picture of WHERE WE’RE GOING, and HOW WE’RE GOING TO GET THERE.

Contact:  Leadership Council at



This year, Trinity Lutheran School completed comprehensive accreditation process for both the Child Development Center and the K-8 program. The CDC has earned National Lutheran Schools accreditation and K-8 has achieved NLSA accreditation as well as Accreditation from Southeastern Association of Schools and Colleges. This has been a big undertaking for teachers, staff and volunteers, and the visiting accreditation team was extremely impressed with our programs.

The Accreditation report recognized the following Powerful practices:

  1. Strong and responsive Governance/Administration, and
  2. Caring guidance that enables us to claim “Every Child is an Honored Student”

And recommended the following Critical improvements:

  1. Full audit of all Trinity finances within two years, and
  2. Increased IT support on campus.

Also, this year, the School Board recommended and Leadership Council approved changes to the Employee Tuition Discount Policy increasing the employee tuition payment to 30%.  This policy increases the employee tuition responsibility progressively to the target of 50% for the FY18/19 school year.  In addition, Leadership Council has approved a 2.5% pay increase for all Trinity staff with the goal of getting salaries to the FL-GA District pay scale.

The strategy to improve enrollment in the K-8 program is to increase retention of VPK (CDC 4 yr-old) students into kindergarten to rebuild total enrollment. Each year, we are reducing the number of multi-age classrooms in K-8. We are expecting K-8 enrollment to be at 90 students this fall from 78 this year, which would be an increase of approximately 15%. At that rate, Trinity K-8 enrollment could be 120 students by 2018.

The Child Development Center is operating near capacity and shortly we will be adding a new Director of Education and a receptionist to the staff.

Contact:  School Board Chair, Kathy Aber 407-929-2676 or



Monday night this week, the Leadership Council approved the continuation of the Campus Development Task Force as a means of continuing construction/planning work for Trinity as was the original purpose of Century II Campus Development Task Force. Rocky Smothers has agreed to take a lead with this team when he returns from China in about 5 weeks. The beginning emphasis will be on restoring the old houses to residential rental units, which was to be part of CDC construction project.

The first steps in this work will be to obtain structural and hazardous material inspections, have discussions with the city on permitting and historic board requirements for the remodeling, obtaining real estate advice on market rental rates and desired interior finishes with a goal of completing a scope of work analysis and cost estimating by July 1. Other projects the TF can review are:

  • Loggia Roof Repairs,
  • Fellowship Hall,
  • Upstairs of New Century Center – design and build out,
  • Magnolia Building Renovation, Rental, Disposition
  • Prioritizing of Revitalization Work
  • Historic Grant Work on Sanctuary, School Building, Loggia (missed current grant application deadline for lack of follow-thru the last 2-3 years and no audit.

The following individuals have agreed to stay involved with the TF: Bob Blackwood, Matt Aber, Maggie Bowles, Kevin Brockberg, Bonnie Roby, Dave Wilkosz, Kathy Aber, Rocky Smothers and Tim Norris.  The TF efforts will be coordinated with the GM-operations and will enhance Trinity’s ability to advance the work on multiple projects over the next several years.

The TF is looking for new members who have interest and experience in design and construction. For more information or to volunteer, please call Kathy Aber at 407-929-2676 or email to



After pouring over biographical information, conducting extensive searches on the Internet, and engaging in hours of conversation and prayer, the Senior Pastor Call Committee was able to narrow down our list of nine candidates to the top four choices. Those four pastors were invited to participate in 30-minute video interviews with the Call Committee. We used this initial meeting to ask broad-based questions to get to know each candidate. Examples included: “How would you describe your preaching style?”, “What traits make you an effective leader?”, “Share a memorable moment from your current parish.” Of these four, two stood out from the group and we then asked these two to join us for a one hour, in-depth video interview.

During this second round, we had the opportunity to find out more about the candidate’s ministerial goals and ideas, his personality, and learn details that would help determine his fit with Trinity. After concluding the second round of interviews Thursday night, the Call Committee is pleased to share that our next step is to invite the following candidates to visit our campus and ministries;

Pastor Jeff Anderson currently serving Bethel Lutheran in Morton, IL and,

Pastor Jacob May serving at Emmanuel Lutheran in Hampton, VA.

Maintain vigilant prayer for Pastors Anderson and May, as well as Trinity, as we work to discern God’s will for Trinity.  Stay tuned for more information about when they will each be here and how you can interact with them during their visits!

Contact:  Committee chair, Stephanie Landis at, or contact any Call Committee Member:  Ted Lange, Jim Martin, Mike Kunze, Rocky Smothers, Bruce Hahn, Jennifer Blackwood, Mike Hofmann, Bonnie Roby




In April, Leadership Council approved a proposal to move forward with major changes to how Human Resources and payroll functions are administered at Trinity.  Trinity has taken on a Professional Employer Organization through Paychex HR Solutions.  This is enhancing the Trinity employee’s benefits in several different areas, not least that include:

  • A single source solution for all of our benefit and HR needs.
  • Offer all of our employees a broader range of benefits.
  • Single source for payroll and all aspects dealing with our payroll needs
  • A team of experts as an extension of Trinity’s staff, including a HR professional, payroll specialist, and a Safety and Loss Representative

Any additional questions you may have, please contact

Eric Havens at 407-488-1919, ext. 108 or




Our Mortgage Updated:

On May 13, 2016 Trinity consolidated and combined two loan held. First, the construction loan on the New Century II building at $5,683,807.00, second the Magnolia Property Loan at $1,973,807.62

The combined Loan Principle is $7,657,614.62, with a 20 year term maturing at May 13, 2036.  The variable interest rate of 3.875% is held for first 13 months of the 240 monthly installments.  The remaining 227 monthly installments the future variable interest rates are adjusted annually based on the LCEF cost of funds plus 2.5 percentage points.   Monthly Installment are $45,900.21 per month.

Audit of Trinity’s Financial Records

Trinity is scheduling an independent audit of the Balance Sheet and financial records for the fiscal years 2015 and 2016.  This audit is scheduled to begin September 2016.   Future campus development plans, school accreditation programs and as required by the By Laws.

Bridge Loan:

Trinity Leadership elected the option to utilize the full amount of the Bridge Loan arranged by LCEF at the beginning of the loan application at the start of the Phase 1 New Century II project.  The total Bridge Loan made available to Trinity was determined by LCEF and set at $662,883.00.   The terms of this loan is a three year balloon note with a variable interest rate stating at 3.875%.   The Bridge Loan is secured by the LCEF Mortgage.  The Bridge Loan matures May 13, 2019.  Interest payments of $2,146.08 are due monthly, with the 36th payment paying the remaining principal.  At that time Trinity will have the option to refinance the remaining principle of the Bridge Loan balance.  This loan has a variable rate of interest adjusted on the same schedule as the permanent mortgage above.

In the construction phase of the New Century II building we were required to utilize $420,002 toward the project completion, paid $19,098 in pre-closing interest payments on the current loans.  The remaining balance of the Bridge Loan at $223,782 was advanced to Trinity for additional capital projects from the Phase 1 campus development that were set aside to complete the core project being the New Century II building.

Our indebtedness to LCEF at the Loan closing is $8,320,498, combining the permanent loan and the bridge loan.

Our minimum interest expense to be paid over the life of the 20 year loan paid to term will be $3,358,580.

Our maximum interest expense to be paid over the three year life of the Bridge Loan could be up to $77,060.

Our plans to pay principle and interest on Bridge Loan will be achieved by a combination of the three items below:

  • Utilization of the proceeds from the LCEF Shared Blessings program,
  • Revenue stream generated from rental of the three houses, and
  • Remaining balance of the Faithfully Forward Campaign


Current year by Christian Operating Centers (COC)




Current Year Ministry Giving:


Fiscal Year Budget 2016-2017 (Preliminary)



Our goal is to present a zero balance cash flow budget to the Congregation for Approval at the June 19thVoter’s meeting.   Budget areas under construction are the Ministry offerings and pledges, maximizing the rental space of the Magnolia Property, the K-8 enrollment, the School benevolence and scholarships, and finally the update of the healthcare elections from staff from the conversion to the Paychex Professional Employer Organization (PEO).

Stewardship Campaign Results as of May 15, 2016

2015-2016 Operating Pledges……..122 – $598,228

2016-2017 Operating Pledges…….. 81…..$517,364



CONTACT:  Trinity Finance Officer, David Wilkosz  407-760-2009 or and the Trinity Finance Committee:  Carolyn Burnett, Bob Gordon, Bob Meyer, Maggie Bowles, Eric Havens, David Wilkosz


Regular Voters Meeting: 2.21.16
Regular Voters Meeting: 10.18.15

10.18.15 Agenda

10.18.15 Minutes

10.18.16 Scanned Documents


Regular Voters Meeting: 8.9.15

August 9, 2015 Special Voters Meeting Agenda

August 9, 2015 Special Voters Meeting Minutes

August 9, 2015  Pastor’s Report for Voters Meeting

August 9, 2015 Power Point Presentation Motion to name the new building: Building Names

Regular Voters Meeting: 6.28.15

6.28.15 Minutes

6.28.15 Scanned Documents  

Regular Voters Meeting: 2.22.15

Trinity Lutheran Downtown

Regularly Scheduled Voters’ Assembly Meeting  –  MINUTES

Trinity Lutheran Church Sanctuary

Sunday – February 22, 2015 – 12:30PM

Growing Together


Meeting Agenda


Welcome & Call to Order                                                                                         Rocky Smothers

  • Approval of Minutes – Regular Voters Meeting from November 30, 2014


Opening Devotion                                                                                  Rocky Smothers

  • Hebrews 11:1-7; 17-29; 12:1-2
  • Opening Prayer


Lutheran Church Extension Fund                                                              Bruce Hahn

  • Benefits to Trinity Membership Families
  • Update on Present Trinity Membership Participation & its effect on our Building Project


Sr. Pastor’s Report                                                                              Rev. Tom Zehnder, interim


Presentation of 2015 Nominations Slate for Elders & Leadership Council                        Glenda Frazier

  • Review – Current Leadership Council / Upcoming Vacancies
  • Review – Current Elders of Trinity / Upcoming Vacancies
  • Nominations Slate proposed by Nominations Committee & Leadership Council
  • Nomination Consideration may be submitted by the Voters’ Assembly:


Vice-Presidents’ Report                                                                      Stephanie Landis

  • Presentation of Recommended By-Laws Revisions
  • Availability of Information
    • Hard Copies
    • On-line Review
    • Suggestions for consideration By-Laws from The Voters’ may be submitted:


Board of School Ministry Report  (written report click here)                                        Kathy Aber

  • Early Childhood Development Patty Moser   
  • K-8 Kevin Brockberg


Campus Task Force Update                                                                 Kathy Aber

  • The building is on schedule to be completed on June 14 (112 days)

that will give Trinity 2 months to move in and get DFC approval in order to open

the CDC in its new home in August, simultaneously with the 2015-16 school year

and a grand ribbon-cutting/dedication ceremony.

  • The South roof (i.e. the flat roof) should be going on now, framing is 3 weeks ahead

of schedule and drywall should be going in within 3 weeks.

  • The Task Force is currently looking for a project manager to oversee the Gym Project

which includes: (1) a new roof, (2) new flooring, (3) A/C work in the locker room area,

and (4) interior and exterior painting

  • Individuals have been approached to lead this upcoming project and we are hoping

to have this person in place within 2 weeks. The work needs to be completed from

June 14- Aug. 14 (start of school)

  • Orange house on Amelia should be demolished shortly. The first step in the teardown

was the removal of asbestos shingles, which required special environmental services.

  • The final house should be lowered onto its foundation within the coming two weeks

and then Doster will begin the soccer field work.

  • Another thanks to Bob Blackwood for arranging a contract with Landmark garage

across the street for temporary parking for staff during this last phase of construction.


 Parish Financial Report                                                                            Bob Meyer

  • Financial Update for FY2014-2015 thru January 2015 Month-end
  • “Faithfully Forward” Capital Fund Drive Update & Status

 Finance Report Click Here


Presidents’ Report                                                                        Rocky Smothers

  • Temple Talks by Congregational Leaders
  • Upcoming Congregation Opportunities to participate Parish Ministry
    • Recruiting Members for volunteer service on Ministry Teams
    • Soon the following Ministry Teams will begin organizing:
      • Evangelism
      • Stewardship
      • Fellowship / Small Groups
      • Youth Fellowship
      • Campus & Property Management
      • Media / Public Relations
    • May 2015 Congregational Stewardship Campaign
      • Consecration Sunday on May 31. 2015

 Adjournment Close with the Doxology


Notes & Meeting Protocol:

 All eligible voters (Communicant members, age 18 and up) sign roster attendance roster.  *Votes Required. 

In order to make the most productive use of the two and one-half (2.5) hours allotted for the Voter’s Meeting, the following procedure will be announced by the chair where “in order” motions have been made or are anticipated:

1 – A maximum of ten (10) minutes of discussion or Q/A total per agenda item (as announced/published); except where approved by Voters (simple majority) to extend for an additional 10 minutes.

2 – Voters who desire to be recognized by the Chair to speak, please stand to be queued to gain access to the “floor microphone.”  Once recognized, each individual will have a maximum of two minutes to address the Voters.

3 – Speaking time limits of individual Voters recognized by the Chair, or Q/A limits will be kept and announced by Parliamentarian/VP.

4 – When the total discussion time limit is up, the chair will recognize (further) motions (“I move that…”) and proceed according to Roberts’ Rules of Order.  Our By Laws specify that the VP is the permanent Parliamentarian.

Regular Voters Meeting: 11.30.15

Trinity Lutheran Church

Regularly Scheduled Voters’ Assembly Meeting – Minutes

November 30, 2014



Welcome & Opening                                                                                             Rocky Smothers

  • Registration of voters


Approval of Minutes for June 1st & 30th Meetings                                         Rocky Smothers

  • Motion to accept the minutes-Susan Roby & Jeff Alexander
  • Motion passes unanimously


Opening Prayer & Devotion – Hebrews 11                                                      Rocky Smothers

  • A Chapter on Faith
    • By Faith We Understand
    • Faith at the Dawn of History
    • Faithful Abraham
    • The Heavenly Hope
    • The Faith of the Patriarchs
    • The Faith of Moses
    • By Faith They Overcame



Lutheran Church Extension Fund (LCEF)                              Bruce Hahn & Dan Reichard

  • Trinity is eight (8) investors away from meeting first Congregational Investor Level threshold, which gives about $12,000 rebate on our loan yearly!
  • There are more thresholds which can generate up to $36,000 annually; Based on number of congregation member investors, not the investment total $$ placed.
  • Trinity’s LCEF Investor Status is achieved in three ways:
    • Transfers to Trinity from sister congregations
    • Adult Trinity Members become active LCEF Investors
    • Young Trinity Members under age 18 become LCEF Investors.
  • The Goal – To achieve 100% participation (or as close as possible) of Trinity Membership to become LCEF Investors!!
  • Meeting this goal will result in the Trinity’s Mortgage being reduced by more than $700,000 over the payback life of the total $8.6M loan amount
  • This is an opportunity to good to pass up, so let’s all open and LCEF Investor Account for the $25 minimum and sign up as soon as possible!!




Trinity Shares Christmas                                                                                     Glenda Frazier

  • This annual Ministry Outreach will touch the families and children of incarcerated adults
  • As in past years, “gift tags” will be available to pull from the “Angel Tree” located in the Narthex, for fulfillment and return by the specified date prior to the event
  • Gifting opportunities include food, gift cards to Publix, gifts for children of incarcerated adults




Upcoming Nominations of Trinity Officers                                                     Glenda Frazier

  • Traditionally, elections for Leadership Council and ratification of Elders take place in the June Voters’ Meeting.
  • This “tradition” is being changed to achieve an improved, more synergized transition for newly elected Leadership Council members & ratified Elders, providing opportunity for proper on-boarding and immersion into their positions.
  • For the 2015 Elections Cycle, the schedule will be as follows:
    • Nominations Slate for Leadership Council & Elders will be presented in the February 22, 2015 Voters Meeting by the Nominating Committee
    • The Congregation Membership will have until March 27, 2015 to submit additional names for consideration to the Nominating Committee for potentially being added to the Nominations Slate of Elders and Leadership Council.
    • Elections for the open Leadership Council Positions and ratification of Elders will be held in the Voters’ Meeting scheduled for Sunday – April 19, 2015
  • Presently, two additional members are being sought to participate on the Nominating Committee



Youth                                                                                                                         Glenda Frazier

  • In the absence of adequate funding for a campus family & youth pastor, several members have stepped up to help out and have taken on the responsibilities to support and be of Christian service to our Youth.
  • Please contact the Church Office if you have a Middle School or High School Youth to be included in these youth group activities.
  • Laura Ramiz & Michael Miessler were introduced as the primary High School Youth contacts.
  • Laura Ramiz presented the desire, and goal to get the Trinity high school youth organized into a group and to build the group into community.
  • Upcoming plans include a social outing once a month
  • The immediate need is to help getting of the youth’s names and contact information.
  • Future plans would also include a webpage also.
  • Short term activities will be a Christmas get together, as well and attending The Gift.



Elders                                                                                                                                   Mike Kunze

  • Brought forth the Nominations to ratify three (3) Trinity men to serve on Board of Elders to fill current-term vacancies:
    • Clay Bourgeois
    • Tom Finger
    • Gary Schumacher
  • Motion to approve was offered & seconded
  • Voters’ Assembly unanimously approved.



By-Laws Review Committee                                                                               Stephanie Landis

  • The Review/Update Committee has been working on the by-laws update for approximately six months, and are very much nearing completion.
  • Presently, By-Law amendments are under review and will be completed in December.
  • The schedule of the By-Laws Committee is to:
    • Present to the Leadership Council in January 2015 for review & approval.
    • Present to the Voter’s Assembly in the February Voters’ Meeting for consideration
    • Vote to ratify the By-Laws Revision during the April 2015 Voters’ Meeting

School Ministry – Early Childhood & K-8                                                          Kathy Aber

  • The Early Childhood Development Center currently has 212 children enrolled; which is fully capacity; and have an active waiting list
  • The K-8 School Program has 79 students enrolled; the 2014-2015 Budget was based on 70 students; so everyone is very positive about this enrollment.
  • Marketing programs for our School have started advertising in local educational magazines with high-quality advertising for our programs.
  • A video was produced on the School’s Halloween parade and shared with Parents, and the Congregation, with the little and big kids together to show the strength of the total numbers
  • The recent Kindergarten Round-Up was themed “To Infinity and Beyond”; with theThanksgiving dinner prepared, Facebook page filled with stories of the children, parents, and grandparents.
  • Our current interim principal – Dr. Brockberg – has a contract that will conclude in July 2015
    • The School Board has made offers for continuing his contract for the coming school year and beyond; which he is prayerfully considering
    • However, Dr. Brockberg has expressed his interest in continuing his education career working overseas
  • The need to initiate the process to start a call committee for a new principal will be needed, should Dr. Brockberg determine to return overseas.
  • A motion to initiate the process to organize a Call Committee was offered by Stephanie Landis; the motion was seconded by Carolyn Burnette & Diana Meyer.
  • The motion passes unanimously
  • For the coming 2015-2016 School Year, the School is anticipating splitting 1 & 2 grades, and there will be interviewing forthcoming for that Teacher position.
  • Efforts are continuing and moving forward to create a database for Alumni of Trinity Lutheran School. There is on-line work currently being completed by Darlene Sabin.



Campus Building Update/Task Force                                                                         Kathy Aber

  • Bob Blackwood goes to the bi-monthly construction meetings with Doster Construction (General Contractor) and handles the day-to-day business and budgeting questions
  • The Early Childhood Center Construction project is on schedule- June 8th target date
  • The “temporary” old portables will remain in place untill building is ready so children can move right in. Thereafter, the portables will be removed for the final phase of construction of traffic ways and parking areas to be completed.
  • Soccer field will be restored by late June / early July based on the current scheduls
  • West side work –roof on gymnasium and floor from flooding will be completed post-construction project.
  • The cost of the water damage to the Gym Floor will be covered by insurance.
  • Will have 8 weeks after construction is finished before need to start school to finish gymnasium projects. Also have to repaint inside and outside gym.
  • Houses are all about down into their new space. Then utilities will be hooked up and designs to remodel need to be worked up.



Finance                                                                                                                                 Bob Meyer

  • Finance report out on the P&L statement was given in detail
  • The forward-looking Cash-to-Expense Forecast is presently on target, but is very tight out front with little-to-no room for variances to income streams
  • Facilities might be unavailable because gymnasium work not done till June
  • Historic Debt Income Initiative – To date, contributions of approximately $25,000 have been received to retire an old “borrowing note” of $72,000 from years ago.
  • An on-going Cash flow reserve of at least $200,000 is necessary to maintain regular expenses through the summer when tithes & giving traditionally become soft.



Senior Pastor’s Report                                                                                    Rev. Jeffrey Moore

  • State of Parish-
    • There are many things going and moving in the right direction here at Trinity, like:
      • Presently our giving and expenses are within the Budget
      • Giving on the Faithfully Forward Capital Fund drive are ahead of schedule
      • The construction & building project on target for the opening date of June 8th
    • On the other hand. There are many things at Trinity going in the wrong direction:
      • Worship Attendance is down by two-thirds of what it was seven years ago
      • There is a real mismatch between the ministry needs of Trinity, and the gifts that God has blessed me with.
      • I love the people and what happens on the weekends and I feel loved, but it is time for Trinity to move forward in a new direction, and also for my ministry to move to the next phase.
      • I feel the release from God and feel at peace
      • Pastor Moore, will be starting on sabbatical after December 29 with Lisa and then will retire at the end of June.



Moving Forward by Growing Together                                                            Pastor Billy Brath

  • Reminisced on past ministry experiences with Pastor Moore
  • Rev Brath and Pastor Moore will continue to work on sermon series together through December
  • Moving forward – looking to work with Leadership to conduct ministry together, and the preparation and process to call a new Senior Pastor
  • Upcoming – “The Gift” – A Trinity Event for which Mayor’s office is big on supporting and one of the city events/functions for the year claiming as one of their “own!”
  • Live UCF-direct ministry of Trinity, sister congregations, and the district-meet on Wednesday evenings,1/3 of budget comes from the district and the rest is direct from private support & contributions
  • One Sunday a month I preach at a sister congregation


Finance Committee & Salary Review Committee                                             Rocky Smothers

  • Finance Committee – This team will led by Carolyn Burnette, tasked to:
    • Support the Finance Office in key ministry activity areas
    • Seek out opportunities to fund Trinity’s Education Ministry
    • Review & recommend investment opportunities for current fund assets
  • Salary Review Committee – This team will be led by Susan Roby, tasked to:
    • Look at Trinity’s current salary structure for all Staff
    • Review Trinity’s current structure to:
      • The Florida-Georgia District Guidelines
      • Other area Lutheran Congregations similar in scope
      • Other area Christian Congregations similar in scope
      • Make recommendations to the Leadership Council to bring consistency to our Salary & Wage scales, based upon criteria and metrics of education & experience


Transition Period Planning                                                                                 Rocky Smothers

  • Pastoral:
    • To extend an offer as Intentional Interim Pastor to Rev. Tom Zehnder, who is:
      • A former president of the Florida – Georgia District of the LCMS
      • The former Executive Director of the L.C.M.S. World Missions
      • In conversations with Pastor Zehnder, he has “agreed” to accept the Intentional Interim Senior Pastor position if asked
    • Motion from Rocky Smothers to ask Pastor Zehnder to be our intentional interim pastor for a period of up to three (3) months, which could be mutually agreed for renewal, or be renewed as needed.
    • Motion was seconded by Mike Kunze.
    • Discussion to not put a time limit on the call, ability to guide on the call for a new principal, etc.
    • After discussions, the question was called by Rocky Smothers; and ensuing a-unanimous vote to issue a call for an unlimited time period to Pastor Tom Zehnder as the Intentional Interim Senior Pastor.


  • Music Ministry Concern:
    • A large void will be created by Lisa’s departure
    • Presently, many Lutheran universities are not providing as many candidates to fill positions as Music Minister, who are trained in Classical Church Music with focus on Liturgical Worship. So it may be a while before this position is filled with the level of professionalism given by Lisa.
    • There is presently a list of organists who have substituted at Trinity in the past, so Worship Music will be there, uninterrupted.
    • Someone from the Parish Bell Choir might step forward to lead the bells continuing forward.
    • Long term is to try to find a student from the universities or might need to call from another church


Meeting Adjournment with Singing of the Doxology                                   Voters’ Assembly