Meet Trinity's Ministry Team

Pastoral Team: Trinity Lutheran Church & School

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Senior Pastor

Rev. Larry Schaefer

Vacancy Pastor
407-488-1919 x101

Chanda Gillenwater

Ministry & Communications Coordinator
407-488-1919 x101

Rev. Dennis Glander

Vistation/Shut-In Pastor

Operations Team: Trinity Lutheran Church & School

Mr. Eric Havens

General Manager
407-488-1919 x108

Mrs. Liz Roberts

Finance Manager
407-488-1919 x110

Mrs. Rosaida Bruno

Accounts Payables Specialist
4007-488-1919 x109

Ms. Collette Seaton

Accounts Receivable Specialist
407-488-1919 x106

Mr. Rich Poole

Food Service Manager

Mr. Bill McFadden

Campus Maintenance

Mr. Lance Bell

Technology Task Force

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Top Dog Training Days 1-2

Trinity Downtown is well represented by Eric & Wendy Havens at the Top Dog training going on now at Lutheran Church Charities K-9 Comfort Dog Headquarters in Illinois!  Eric and Wendy will serve as Caretaker for Trinity's Comfort Dog, while Wendy...

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Confirmation 2017

There are traditions and ceremonies in our Lutheran church that often are mistaken for doctrinal necessities, just as there are doctrinal teachings that are believed to be traditions and ceremonies. For example, Baptism is a sacrament and is founded on the words of...

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The Great Easter Surprise!

"THE GREAT EASTER SURPRISE" is over, and what a fun day it was! Thenty-three children and their families were registered in advance, and on Saturday morning we were blessed with another 11 children and 38 adults!  What a great turnout! The feedback was fantastic...

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Meeting the Neighbors

Saturday morning a small group from Trinity's Outreach Ministry Team spent the morning walking around Trinity's neighborhood meeting residents, taking prayer requests and sharing flyers inviting everyone to The Great Easter Surprise and...

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