The New Century Center (NCC) Dedication on Sunday, March 13, 2016 was a grand event celebrating the official opening of our New Century Center, home of Trinity Lutheran School’s Child Development Center.

In worship services we were spiritually uplifted by the sermon shared by LCMS President Emeritus, Rev. Jerry Kieschnick. He expressed his great delight with the new facility, “My gracious sakes alive,” this is a special day of dedication!  He joined with us in rev kour great joy and excitement over the expansion of our campus facilities which will allow for continued growth in our ministries here at Trinity Downtown.  Rev. Kieschnick summarized its importance so well by recognizing its value in our mission as the NCC will be used for the glory of God and to the edification of his people, “especially his little people.” He concluded the sermon with his prayer for our Trinity family, stating that, “If nothing more happens in those buildings over there, the New Century Center, the Child Development Center…except for the children who are there now, and the children who are gonna’ be there in the future; learning and knowing and being reminded and being assured every day that they, like you and like me, are children of the heavenly father… then may God’s holy name be praised!” All so that the children know these things: that God is love, that they are gifted by God, to use those gifts to glorify God in whatever they do, to know that Jesus is the vine and they are the branches,  and that apart from Jesus they can do nothing, but with him they can do anything… What a prayer powerful from Pastor Kieschnick!  (11:00am worship 3/13/2016)

kathy a and wrenTrinity’s Interim Senior Pastor, Rev. Jim Martin, started our ribbon cutting ceremony with an invocation which was followed by a welcome and a brief history of the building project from Trinity’s School Board President and Task Force Chairperson, Kathy Aber.

Inside the lobby of the NCC you will find a memorial dedication to Mr. Wren Aber, Kathy Aber’s husband. Wren is remembered with affection and gratitude as he was a key visionary who kept the vision of this new facility alive and moving forward. After his passing, Kathy stepped up, and with the Task Force, guided Trinity leaders and the congregation through the plan to make it a reality.

Rev. Greg Walton, President, FL-GA District, LCMS, blessed the building, quoting 1 Chronicles 22, a Rite of Dedication and Psalm 127. Now that we have the building project behind us, we should celebrate and then continue to go out and minister to the community! Mr. Daniel Reichard; V.P. Lutheran Church Extension Fund, presented us with a plaque to recognize our ministry partnership with LCEF.speakers

Patty Sheehan, 
City Commissioner, District 4, read the Mayor’s Proclamation and words of praise.  David Martens;
 President of the Lake Eola Heights Neighborhood Association also joined us for the celebration and shared with our guests. Both complimented Trinity on our growing partnership with the neighborhood/City/community during the building project. Commissioner Sheehan shared that the relationship building between Trinity and our neighbors has been a great benefit to the community – that listening with real understanding to the wants and needs of the Historic District really lead to solutions & partnerships. David also complimented Trinity with our commitment to honor the surrounding historic neighborhood with our design plans for the building. This is a strong partnership that will continue for many years to come.

VPK teachers, Colby Howard and Stacey Carroll presented Patty Moser, CDC Executive Director, with a picture of the new building that was crafted by the students of the CDC.  They spoke personally and for the entire teaching staff of the CDC, recognizing Patty’s God-given gift for nurturing students and their families as well as the teaching staff of the

After the benediction & blessing of the meal all took a walk through the building to enjoy the finished product of years of planning. The halls were decorated with children’s artwork, Bible verses and Lenten remembrances – which painted a clear picture of just how much ministry goes on each and every day in school ministries of Trinity Downtown.

During the catered reception by Green Coat Catering Company in the courtyard, we were entertained by Josh Wilson’s Cross Generation Band while we spent time in fellowship with one another.  It’s great to be part of this Trinity family, connected as individuals in the body of Christ, all here to serve together in the mission of the church!  The final encore of the day was a beautiful organ concert in the sanctuary by Ture Larson (program).Reception

Just a few years away now, 2019 will mark the beginning of a second century of ministry for Trinity Downtown. While the ministries of Trinity Lutheran Church & School have been the recipient of abundant blessings, grace & mercy over the years, the New Century Center is the newest and perhaps most vivid indication of God’s blessing of Trinity ministry. Start making your plans for the next big dedication event, as God continues to bless Trinity’s mission to share His love, bringing people one step closer to Jesus.