July 31, 2020 Update:

Reopening Plans
Trinity’s Leadership has scheduled a reopening date for public worship in the Sanctuary for the fifth weekend of August!

Trinity will offer in-person worship services in the Sanctuary on Saturday, August 29, at 6pm and Sunday, August 30, at 10am.
Drive Through Communion will be held, Sunday August 9 at 9:30am.
Memorial Services can now be scheduled (other than August 21 through August 23 due to tenting for termites). As we learn of plans for our five most recently sainted Trinity members we will let you know – Richard Boese, Lo Phillips, Mike Hoffman, Ceilia Schroeder and Nora Van Deest.

Please join us in a commitment to prayer asking that God will bless us once again with a safe and smooth reopening to in-person worship in the Sanctuary and time for family and friends to gather safely for memorial services as well!

June 26, 2020 Update:

Due to the recent and significant increase in COVID-19 cases in the Orlando area, Trinity will once again suspend all in-person worship, gatherings, social groups and meetings for all groups affiliated with and/or sponsored by Trinity Downtown until further notice. The safety and well being of our entire Trinity family is of the utmost importance. We will continue with online worship and study groups to provide for the spiritual care of our Trinity community. Meetings, study groups, teams, social groups and the like are not permitted to meet in-person on campus and are encouraged to utilize online meeting resources such as Zoom, or phone conferencing. The only exception will be for Trinity’s Child Development Center ministry which will continue to operate under strict safety protocols as an essential provider of childcare in our downtown Orlando community. Trinity Leadership will continue to closely monitor the situation and will determine at what point it is safe to resume in-person worship and on-campus meetings. Updates will be shared via the Trinity Weekly, website, and Facebook page.

June 12, 2020 Update:

Plans for Reopening the Sanctuary

Trinity Family, Early March seems like such a long time ago. Many of us were paying little attention to a virus that was causing problems overseas, we still had days with cool weather, we were looking forward to Easter and we were able to worship at Trinity every weekend. Times certainly have changed. I doubt you could find anyone today who has not heard of COVID-19 or the Corona virus. Many of us have been hunkered down for months, only leaving the house to take care of essential business. Our children attended school at the kitchen table instead of in a classroom and our work schedules were disrupted. We have listened to “experts” breathlessly tell us some vital piece of news about the virus on Monday only to tell us something completely different on Wednesday. The only thing they could agree on is that life will never be the same. Luckily as practicing Christians we knew that God would see us through this time of trial as He has so many times in the past.

Trinity made the decision about three months ago to suspend worship in the Sanctuary out of concern for the health of our congregants. Online worship became the new normal as we checked in with our computers to see and hear Trinity’s virtual worship services. While this brought God’s word to our members it was never intended to be a permanent solution. Federal, state and local guidelines recently changed to allow in-person worship. Taking all the risk factors into account Trinity has made the decision to re-open our Sanctuary for worship beginning the weekend of Saturday June 20 and Sunday June 21 and continuing until further notice. The Saturday evening services will be held at 6pm and the single Sunday morning services will take place at 10am.
Information About Attending Services at Trinity:
  • Prior to you arriving for the service Trinity staff and volunteers will have removed the hymnals, Bibles, pencils and attendance and prayer cards from the pews. The carpets will have been steam cleaned and sanitized. All surfaces inside the Sanctuary will be sanitized, including the pews and pew cushions. These areas will be re-sanitized after the Saturday night service in preparation for Sunday morning.
  • The pews and aisles will be marked to facilitate safe social distancing.
  • The wearing of masks will be required for all in attendance. To comply with Orange County Executive Order 2020-23 Trinity’s face mask policy for in Sanctuary worship services has changed.  The wearing of masks is required for all in attendance except for children under the age of 2 and persons for whom a face covering would cause impairment due to an existing health condition. While each of you is encouraged to bring and wear your own masks we will have masks available for anyone who needs one. Note: According to the CDC children under the age of two should not wear face masks.
  • We will NOT be checking everyone’s temperature when they enter the Church. We do however ask anyone who is not feeling well, or who has any of the symptoms associated with COVID-19 to worship from home.
  • When you arrive at Trinity you will be welcomed back by an usher or greeter who will escort you to your seat. They will also be able to answer any questions that you might have. It is important that seating take place in an orderly fashion to ensure that we make the most efficient use possible of the available seating. We ask everyone to be understanding if “their” pew is not available. We also ask that you arrive a few minutes earlier than you usually do, if possible, to assist with the process.
  • Bulletins will not be available. We will have PowerPoint projection for both services.
  • While we are still finalizing the services, you can expect that the liturgy will be spoken rather than sung and that hymns will be handled a bit differently than you are familiar with to take the wearing of masks into account.
  • We will be administering in-pew communion rather than having the congregation proceed to the altar to receive the bread and wine. Each communicant will be given a sanitized plastic bag containing the bread and wine (gluten-free wafers will be available to those who need them) at their seat. Pastor will provide instructions detailing the exact procedure to be followed at each service.
  • At the conclusion of the service everyone will be asked to remain seated until it is their row’s turn to leave the sanctuary.
  • Collection plates will be placed at the front and side exits from the church to receive the tithes and offerings of those attending the service.
  • There will be receptacles for the used communion kits at each exit as well.

*Childcare and nursery will not be available until further notice.

* Sunday School and Youth Bible Study will start up again with the upcoming school year.

Some Do’s and Don’ts:
DO join us in-person for worship if you are comfortable doing so – we would love to see you!
DON’T feel that you have to worship in person if you fall into a high risk category for COVID-19 or are not comfortable being around groups of people right now. We understand and will continue to provide online worship options for those who can not worship in person. Online services can be accessed from the Trinity website, Facebook and YouTube.
DO be sure to bring a Bible from home or put a Bible app on your phone, if you normally follow along with the readings in a pew Bible.
DO follow all social distancing guidelines while in the Sanctuary. We ask you to forego handshakes and hugs with friends you may not have seen in months and to wait until after you have left the church building if you plan on getting together in small groups
DO Praise God for all the blessings he bestows on us each day.
God Bless You All,
Thomas (Tom) Finger, Congregation President