Each week Trinity Lutheran School students gather together twice for a chapel service in Trinity’s sanctuary, once for K-8 students and once for PreK3 through VPK students. And once a month in those chapel services, we recognize baptism birthdays! 

This week worship began with singing some great songs from this summer’s Shipwrecked VBS with lyrics that really worked well to set the tone for today’s chapel theme,”Real Rescue.” Several students came up to the front of the sanctuary and led all in worship with choreography connected with the songs.

Free like a bird in the big blue sky
Not a cloud or a care for a million miles
I wont worry worry ’bout a thing
God loves me and he loved me first
He rescued me when I was in a lurch
And I wont worry worry ’bout a thing
To the left I’ll fly fly fly
To the right I’ll glide glide glide
And I wont worry worry bout a thing
Gonna swoop down low low low
And I’ll soar up high high high
Ooh and I wont worry worry ’bout a thing

Won't Worry 'Bout a Thing

by Group Music

Through every storm of life I know you’re by my side
So am holding on, to your promises
You are the God who holds, my future, all my dreamz
You gave me hope when hope all but gone
A second chance to sing a brand new song
You open up my eyes to see
You rescued me, rescued me
You showed the way when there was no way out
Cleared up my mind when you erased all doubt
You made me strong when i was weak
You rescued me, rescued me

Never Let Go of Me

by Group Music

Pastor Doug brought the idea of a real rescue to life when he showed the students photos of people being heroically rescued from flooded homes following the recent hurricane Florence. He illustrated for them how desperately these people needed others to rescue them from the storm, just like God’s people cried out for His help in their time of slavery and when faced with fierce enemies.

Even now, humanity is broken by sin and separated by it from God, and we can cry out to our Savior, Jesus Christ, for rescue, because he has already paid the penalty for our sins. And in addition to all that, God personally gives us out of His love and mercy!

In both services, a short skit by a Trinity Lutheran Church member and a TLS student portrayed how God provides loving, caring, and comforting people to be there for us in our times of great need.  We were also blessed by another church member joining school chapel as a new PowerPoint helper!  What wonderful connections are being made throughout the Trinity family –  among students, parents, church members, school faculty, and the Pastoral team – to add to these important chapel lessons for our TLS students!